Vibro Catalogue


At Vibro we take immense pride in crafting a diverse range of top-quality paving solutions. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, we strive to transform outdoor spaces into captivating landscapes that stand the test of time.

Bevel 50mm

This traditional format 50mm paver is perfect for all applications from paths to driveways. The Bevel paver is a practical, affordable and versatile choice for any project.

  • Bevel 50mm
  • Bevel Profile Top
  • Bevel Profile Side

Cottage 50mm

The Cottage 50mm paver offers an elegant, smooth finish, available in a variety of blended colours. This uniform paver is ideal for shopping malls, patios, retirement homes and warehouses.

  • Cottage 50mm
  • Cottage Profile Top
  • Cottage Profile Side

Twin Cobble 50mm

A paving block which gives a beautiful small cobblestone effect to paved areas The cobble look comes from a central groove which is bevelled across the middle of the block.

  • Twin Cobble
  • Twin Cobble Profile Top
  • Twin Cobble Profile Side

Interlocker 60mm

The Interlock paver provides a functional hard wearing surface, requiring minimum maintenance. Available in a range of multi-blend colours that harmonise with the environment.

  • Interlocker 60x80mm
  • Interlocker Profile Top
  • Interlocker Profile Side

Interlocker 80mm

The Industrial Interlock paver has the ability to withstand concentrated heavy loads and resist the wheel loads of off-road vehicles such as cranes and forklifts.

  • Interlocker 60x80mm
  • Interlocker Profile Top
  • Interlocker Profile Side

Spartan Mini 60mm

The Spartan paver offers a unique rustic and cobbled finish to paved areas, drive ways and many other architectural and landscaping developments.

  • Spartan Mini
  • Spartan Mini Profile Top
  • Spartan Mini Profile Side

Unique 60mm & 80mm

The Unique paver successfully brightens up the drab monotony of parking lots, toll plazas, bus depots and taxi ranks by making use of the colours and patterns provided.

  • Unique
  • Unique Profile Top
  • Unique Profile Side

Anchorlock 80mm

The Anchorlock paver is a hard wearing, heavy duty, load bearing industrial paver. Its dimensional accuracy together with the interlocking dentations provide outstanding load sharing ability.

  • Anchorlock 80mm
  • Anchorlock Profile Top
  • Anchorlock Profile Side

Cottage Lock 60mm

Introducing the latest addition to our ever-growing range of stylish and modern pavers. The Cottage Lock adds a unique pattern with an elegant and crisp finish to any paved surface.

  • Cottage Lock
  • Cottage Lock Top
  • Cottage Lock Profile Side
  • Affordable

    Unlocking the beauty of premium paving without compromising on affordability.

  • Durability

    Built to withstand the test of time, our paving solutions exude unmatched durability for lasting peace of mind.

  • Low Maintenance

    Experience the ease of low-maintenance bliss with our paving products, freeing you to enjoy your outdoor spaces without the hassle.